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WAEOPP Board and Committee Responsibilities

Note:   Board position and committee descriptions are pending approval and may change in the future.           



The President shall preside at all meetings of WAEOPP and shall be chairperson of and preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors. He or she shall nominate the chairs and members of all committees to the Executive Board and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall be a member of the Board of Directors of the Association and shall represent WAEOPP in that capacity. He or she shall submit a written annual report to the WAEOPP membership at the Chapter business meeting of the Association annual meeting and at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Chapter Board of Directors.  A copy of the report shall be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Association. The President shall perform other duties customary to that office and such additional duties as the membership shall direct him/her to perform.

The President-Elect’s key role is to learn the duties and responsibilities of the WAEOPP Presidency during their year of service. The President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President in the event of a short-term absence of the President. The President-Elect chairs the Membership and Certification Committee.

Immediate Past-President:
The Immediate Past-President shall serve as an advisor to the President and the President-Elect. The Immediate Past-President serves as a member of the Special Concerns and Affiliations Committee.

The Treasurer shall assure the proper receipt and expenditures of funds in accordance with the directives established by the Board of Directors.  The Treasurer shall submit an annual fiscal report at the Chapter business meeting of the Association annual meeting. The Treasurer shall submit up-to-date fiscal reports at all membership and Board of Directors’ meetings. The Treasurer shall serve on the Chapter Spring Conference Committee to handle all fiscal matters related to the event. The Treasurer shall perform the duties customary to the office.


The Secretary shall take minutes of all membership meetings, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee meetings and shall submit such minutes electronically and/or in writing for approval. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining the Chapter’s archival records generated during his/her term of office. The Secretary shall perform the duties customary to the office.


The Association and each of its Chapters shall have the following standing committees, which shall be established as per the provisions of Article 9, Section 9.2 of this Constitution and Bylaws.

Membership and Certification
 To actively promote membership in EOA and WAEOPP
 Remind current members to renew their membership in a timely fashion
 Welcome new staff and encourage them to join EOA/WAEOPP
 Explain the purpose and benefits of EOA and WAEOPP to TRIO and person in college access/college success programs
 Certify the names of members for participation in EOA/WAEOPP events at the
  membership rate
 Certify the names of members for voting in EOA/WAEOPP elections and business
 The chair is designated to represent WAEOPP with EOA

Research and Evaluation
 Research, valuate, and plan related to WAEOPP’s purposes and goals
Present relevant evaluation models focused on the development of WAEOPP student data, TRIO/Educational Opportunity Programs and related matters
 Initiate research based upon WAEOPP student data, TRIO/Educational Opportunity
 Programs and related matters

Special Concerns and Affiliations
 Seek out other organizations which have purposes supportive of or in harmony with
 WAEOPP’s objectives and concerns
 Share information with and collaborate with the identified organizations
 Provide support to each other’s efforts
 Participate in each other’s events or possibly conduct a joint event
 The chair is designated to represent WAEOPP with EOA

 Disseminate EOA/WAEOPP scholarship information and applications
 Review and select the recipients
 Communicate with the selected students and their TRIO nominator regarding the 
 results and follow-up in obtaining any additional information in order to
 award the scholarships Communicate with the students and their TRIO nominator   who were not selected  as a scholarship recipient
 Collaborate with the EOA Scholarship Chair regarding the process and share the
  recipients names for those scholarships awarded through EOA
 Collaborate with the WAEOPP Treasurer in awarding the WAEOPP scholarships
 The chair is designated to represent WAEOPP with EOA
Legislation and Education
Monitor federal, state and local legislation, policies, rules, and regulations as they 
pertain to TRIO/EOP and related programs and services
Initiate relevant research, develop position statements and initiate calls to action
to the membership
Dissemination of information and matters pertaining to the establishment, governance, monitoring, funding, and persistence of TRIO/EOP and related programs and services
The chair is designated to represent WAEOPP with EOA

 Subcommittee:   Policy Seminar
Plan and organize the WAEOPP contingency at the 2018 COE Policy Seminar
Solicit the Wisconsin TRIO programs to discern people who will be in attendance
Contact Wisconsin congressional and senate offices to meeting times
Organize Wisconsin participants into groups for Capitol Hill visits
Prepare and disseminate materials prior to event explaining the purpose of
Policy Seminar, what to expect, and how to participate in a meeting
with our elected officials and/or their aides
Arrange a time for all Wisconsin participants in attendance to gather and to assure every person is aware of their role in the legislative visits
Public Relation/Communications/Technology
Encourage publication related to and supportive of EOA/WAEOPP philosophy and goals
Announce and promote EOA/WAEOPP events
Gather data and information for and publish the WAEOPP Fact Book to be given to the Wisconsin legislators at the 2018 Policy Seminar
Employ various forms of media to promote EOA/WAEOPP’s message
Publicize student and staff opportunities
Maintain the WAEOPP online systems and website with incorporated emerging 
Ensure the dissemination and availability of WAEOPP publications/updates, pertinent documents, event information, and membership information

 Seek nominations for the 2018-19 WAEOPP Board of Directors
 Secure an electronic platform to conduct the voting process
 Carry-out out the election process in a timely manner
Share the election outcome with the 2017-18 WAEOPP Board of Directors and
 request approval of the slate
 Notify both the successful candidates and those who were not successful

Professional Development

 Develop and/or disseminate information concerning professional development,
  training, and advancement opportunities which contribute to the competency, status, and image of WAEOPP members
 Determine if WAEOPP should plan and conduct other professional development
  offerings in addition to the 2018 WAEOPP Spring Conference.  If so, identifythe purpose and propose to the WAEOPP Board of Directors
 The President, Treasurer, and Secretary are de facto members of the committee
 2018 WAEOPP Spring Conference
  Plan and conduct the 2018 WAEOPP Spring Conference
 2018-19 ELI Selection  
 Purpose: Disseminate EOA/WAEOPP ELI information and applications
   Seek nominations for the 2018-19 WAEOPP ELI
   Share the election outcome with the 2017-18 WAEOPP Board of Directors and
    request approval of the selected candidate
   Notify both the successful candidate and those who were not successful
 Monitor all fiscal matters pertinent to WAEOPP activities
 Recommend an annual budget for approval to the WAEOPP Board of Directors
 Review the WAEOPP Fiscal Policies and Procedures Manual to assure the policies and   procedures are being adhered and recommend changes as needed
 Conduct an annual audit of WAEOPP expenditures and income
 The Treasurer and President-Elect are members of the committee
 The President is an ex-officio member of the committee

Strategic Planning and Development
 Assure the WAEOPP direction and activities are in alignment with the WAEOPP
  Strategic Plan
 Recommend revisions to the WAEOPP Strategic Plan as needed

WAEOPP McNair/SSS Graduate School Retreat
 Secure a conference site
 Publicize the event to both TRIO and non-TRIO post-secondary institutions
 Secure speakers
 Handle the logistics of the retreat; registration, participant list, meal selection,
  communication with participating programs, invoicing, etc.

TRIO Achievers/Alumni
 Disseminate WAEOPP TRIO Achiever information and applications
 Seek nominations for the 2018-19 WAEOPP TRIO Achiever
 Share the selection outcome with the 2017-18 WAEOPP Board of Directors and
  request approval of the selected nominee
 Notify both the successful candidate and those who were not successful
 Collaborate with the WAEOPP 2018 Spring Conference Planning Committee to
  incorporate the TRIO Achiever recognition into the conference
 Nominate the WAEOPP TRIO Achiever for the EOA TRIO Achiever award
 Develop strategies for engaging TRIO alumni after the leave their TRIO program  
 Possibly conduct some alumni events and establish and maintain a database of TRIO alumni


EOA Foundation

The EOA Foundation provides scholarships and awards to TRIO and educational opportunity program students in the ten-state region served by EOA.


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